is collection of notes for J2EE developers and architects written during my everyday work.

As software developer, everyday we search solutions to heterogeneous problems using more than one website.

It often happens that we search the same topics several times and navigate through the various questions and answers web sites. Sometime is more easy to search on StackOverflow instead to search inside our old code.

And we are considering only one developer. If we consider a development team the result is:

  • Everyone is looking for the same things: how to use a specific technology or a particula Java namespace; Because all the team are working n the same things
  • Java codes copied and pasted from different web sites

This web sites are the result of above considerations: Why not build a team web sites with notes about technology used for the team?

MkJava has two peculiar differences with other web sites:

  • Notes must be exhaustive: they have to help understand theory behind.
  • The code used as example, as far as possible, have to be real code used inside the project
  • Many notes are written with question and answer approach.

The initial notes come from a senior developer with many years of experience and therefore not only dedicated to Java language but also for architectural choices.

Why the name "MkJava"?

The tool used to write notes is MkDocs and the reference language is Java so MkJava is simply the union of the name of tool and Java.

This is the original MkJava website generated automatically by MkDocs:

MkJava using MkDocs