Maurizio Farina

Hi, I'm a senior developer with 20+ years experience in fields such as Telco, Manufacturing, Banking and Air Navigation.

This my Linkedin Profile

My interests are in designing and developing new software architecture, Business Process and Business Rules Management, Natural processing Language and Machine Learning algorithms.

My latest personal project is a localized feeds aggregator based on Lucene/SOLR, Apache NLP technology stack using Azure cloud.

In the past i've designed and developed Scenario Framework a BPMS with a Visio based process designer and a C/C++ process engine.

Scenario Overview

Unfortunetly it is very hard to maintain all features about BPMS (portal, engine, designer, external components) so time to time i continue to work only on the business process engine called Criteria.

Criteria will be moved to GitHub because Codeplex, where now is hosted, is shutting down.